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Why Google Analytics Is Important For A Website?

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Why Google Analytics Is Important For A Website?


           The new start-ups usually don’t have the idea of google analytics. In this case, Ouriken helps you with the Analytics Solution. Ouriken will let you know its advantages. How to use it? Where to use it? and why you should use it.

 With Google Analytics you can find out the behavior of the average visitor. It is important when you have a website, to analyze your data with Google Analytics. It recreates a major part of optimizing a website. You gain insight into the behavior of the visitor, which you can adjust your website to.


By analyzing well you can find out the following things:

Through which channel the visitor comes?

How long does a visitor spend on a website on average?

The visitor does click through to other pages on the website.

You can see through which channel the conversions are made.

By regularly checking this online tool, you are more likely to increase your conversion on the website. You could already achieve this with a number of relatively simple adjustments.

Measuring Is Knowing!

An often-used term in online marketing is to measure is to know! With Google Analytics you can measure how many conversions have been made per month and where they come from. By drawing up a weekly/monthly report, you can immediately adjust the website so that the performance continues to improve.

More From Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free package that simply helps you improve your website. It is also possible to link your Analytics account with your AdWords account. giving you more insight into the effectiveness of the campaigns and keywords.

It is also possible to create custom reports, you can arrange the reports according to your own wishes so that you can find out everything in a report.

In short, Google Analytics is indispensable when you manage a website.

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