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101 Guides to Cyber Security

Just as there are common-sense practices that everyone should follow online, particularly companies that store personal information, just like not accepting gifts from strangers. IT service organizations see some new issues emerging with online security, but the same issues also haunt consumers over and over again. There are a few recurring themes when providing assistance to workplace cybersecurity that just doesn’t go away.

And you’ll get the info about Cyber Security 101 Guides here in this article. I hope you’ll enjoy writing up and reading. Post your questions in the comment box below.

This is followed in a nutshell by online security, including what to use and what to avoid. And nearly, everything you need to learn how to set it up so that you appreciate and access the internet for the connectivity it offers. For decades, some things in the IT space have not changed, for good reason. When online, a front-line defense is necessary.

Cyber Security Basics 101: Firewalls & VPNs

If you think that firewall is dull old operating system parts, you’re wrong. The reason that they have become embedded in the IT  lexicon is that they work, they are essential, and they are now more applicable than before. Whether it’s the resident firewall required on an individual PC or a shielded network (Intranet), using a firewall remains a critical component of cybersecurity since the internet is plugged in. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is also mandatory in order to restrict access. As a firewall removes information from your device, this defense is carried offline by a VPN. Any modern business is asking for trouble without a VPNs shield. Hacking and information loss are like car accidents – fascinatingly horrible to read about, but it will never happen to you, right? Alright, note that there are thousands and thousands of people who wake up every day with the sole purpose of illegally making money online. It mostly includes data theft for illegal benefits, ransoming data, or even accessing online banking or other protocols of payment.  You don’t have to take it as personal assault – it isn’t Cybercrooks are opportunistic and you’re the target for today when you turn up on their radar without the basics in place. Do not believe that you are too small to be heard for a moment. Sadly, statistics show that is it indeed small and medium-sized enterprises that suffer the burnt of hacks.

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 Cyber Security: Threats

In short, there are various forms of digital malice. Business connectivity has become constant since the baseline – which business is not always online? – it’s making you appreciate what’s out there.


We can not expect to be cured of this dimension of cyber life just like a common cold. A virus s malicious software that affects the output of your machine, corrupting the operating system and records. They may be present without being involved, but they are usually a crippling pest again just like the flu virus.


Malware, the terms are often used interchangeably, often indistinguishable from a virus. More commonly, malware may not be corrupt systems and delete data to build your own personal nightmare, but may also contain spyware (such as key-logger apps.)


Ransomware. A step up in cheek and worthy of its own name, ransomware is malware that treats your data as delicately as you would, just to impenetrably lock it up and demand payment for its release! Ransomware attacks are often successful, as the prospect of losing or publicly releasing consumer or other personal data is grim for many businesses. When ransomware is at hand, it is best to call in experts who can assist with cybersecurity, while defining and enacting all possibilities and possible rescues.


A favorite of those launching a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, a bot (or “internet robot”) is a scheduled activity executing an application. They may also take full control of a PC, mostly responsible for removing mail addresses or financial information.


These are still hidden malware fragments that come disguised as legitimate inputs or deals, but then open a door for further operation on a computer or network. They usually steal and keep the door open for further malicious fiddling.


Worms are still around, rigger than ever before. Worms are more proactive than a blunt virus as they are typically able to travel across networks without the need for human activity and are constantly replicating themselves.


Now, sadly, spam has continued, taken over your post box from where junk mail left off. Spam mail is often the preferred way to get any of the above horrors through the firewall, more than just an irritating annoyance. Apart from spambots posting on social media and infiltrating your feeds, spam is also a big phishing tool, whereby a crook may seek to get sensitive details from you under the pretext of some fake need, connection, or enticing deal.


Cyber Safe Being and Staying

It is not difficult to take cyber security101 seriously and provides both comfort and trust when conducting digital affairs that you are secure. Reinforce passwords across all clients as a first step to secure online. Use a password maintainer that produces user and secure passwords ideally. Implement solutions for firewall, VPN and antivirus, all of which should be in operation against the backdrop of a comprehensive backup plan.

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In the Ouriken Cybersafety services area, there are many things to consider and, sadly, even the best solutions will fail unless they are extremely detailed. To ensure that you are legally and fully covered for a safe cyber life, we can help ensure the integrity of your business and the sanctity of your data with online security.

Ouriken is a standalone web design and digital agency. We design and implements powerful solutions for small and medium businesses in technology, business, and operations.

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Things to Consider for Successful Cloud Migration Testing

If you have been following us, you will know that we discussed the methods which can be used in the cloud migration process itself. But most of the tines it may happen that the process of execution according to us happened correctly and efficiently, whereas, unless we test it thoroughly we cannot just assume that its concrete and it needs constant attention and maintenance to run smoothly. That is why just as we do software testing, we have to do the cloud migration testing. And in this blog, we’re going to address the testing considerations for cloud migration.

A comprehensive testing plan is crucial for the migration’s success, once you have decided to move your business to the cloud. The cloud migration process will help you to ensure that you do not face server breakdown issues, database glitches and other errors that can impede a successful cloud migration.

Focus for Cloud Migration Success

The main focus of cloud migration testing is on the various validations required to ensure its success.

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Functional Testing

The production-readiness of the migrated applications is tested in functional validation. For ts various aspects a detailed analysis is performed and checked for SLA compliance. Perform end-to-end validation of the applications’ functions to ensure the success of your migration

  • Checking if the desired output is generating for a valid and required input.
  • Checking if the service integrations with other applications are complete.
  • Checking if the object references are working as expected.
  • Checking if the cross-platform compatibility is ensured.

Integration Testing

To ensure your applications are integrated seamlessly with third-party applications and that communication between them is happening without and issues is an integral part of migration testing. Strikeout the dependencies between applications, and various SLAs that each application comes with. The migration process tends to become more complicated if you are migrating one or more applications. Just consider these following validations to simplify the process.

  • For integration testing, what interfaces and systems should be covered?
  • For validation and integration testing, what are the resources needed?
  • To develop and execute tests with third-party applications, what plan is in place?
  • How will the identification of coordination problems in the cloud environment?

Many Cloud consulting service providers also provide integration validation as an add-on to their services, which help ensure error-free integration testing.

integration testing, performance testing, security testing, functional testing

Security Testing

In the beginning, the biggest discouragement for organizations to move their operations to the cloud was concern over security. Backed up by several advancements in the field, cloud security now has features that can prevent even sophisticated attacks from gaining access to your data and applications. Consider the following while y perform security validation:

  • Make sure that your cloud network can be accessed only by authorized users.
  • Take preventive measures against common attacks, and ensure that the measures are working properly.
  • Validation of data security is important In rest, in use and during transit.

A few other aspects of security testing include data security, privacy testing, business process security, and application security.

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Performance Testing

Determining the performance and response time of the applications moved to the cloud is important for determining migration success. This step will also help you in optimizing the workload across resources. These are the things you should consider while performing performance validation.

  • Checking if the application architecture is supported by the cloud.
  • As per SLAs, we have to validate response times.
  • Load testing must be performed in parallel to understand how your services perform under various load types.


Cloud migration is often tricky to execute despite having all that help organization can get on paper, cloud migration is often tricky to execute and can result in more problems than benefits if used misleadingly. Hence, it is important and advisable to understand why to bring a team of testing professionals on-board for a successful migration.

Ouriken is a standalone web design and digital agency. We design and implements powerful solutions for small and medium businesses in technology, business, and operations. Our cloud consulting services identify and prioritize cloud applications, optimization, cloud migration which helps your business.


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Types of Hackers & current scenario among the types of hackers

The word Hacker is not fully understood by everyone and inherently misused. A stereotypical 1980’s movie character where a hacker is an evil criminal who is conspiring against the people and government, is the visualization of people when they hear the word hacker. But in reality, a hacker is just a normal person whose computer skills are high and can manipulate and bypass computer systems to make them do the intended. Hacking is not illegal unless a hacker has malicious intent and is trying the trespass the defenses and exploit weaknesses of a system without authorized permission.

As in the 80s movies the good guys used to wear white hats and the villain used to wear the black hat, the hackers are also classified on the basis of their hats.

Unethical type of hackers – Black Hat

A computer expert who finds vulnerabilities in online security and willfully damages them for their own personal gain is a black hat hacker. They are motivated by the feelings of petty revenge by targeting the companies they don’t like and exploit their vulnerabilities to shut them down only for their frivolous reasons and also by feelings of power by infecting a computer by ransomware and then demanding money to unlock the device.

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Black hats may look for any type of private information that might give them some money such as credit card numbers, passwords, Emails, and Bank Accounts data. Thus, they are called criminals with no ethics, and might even break into a computer network with an intention to destroy it rather than just stealing it.

Confused Type of hackers – Grey Hat

When compared to black hats, grey hats are less skilled or white hats are a blend of both types of hackers. Grey hats are often technology hobbyists who enjoy dabbling in minor white-collar crimes such as P2P file sharing and cracking software. They report the organization about their findings and if the organization or company does not respond or refuses to pay them, they perhaps post about the system’s weakness on online forums for the internet and the world to see.

Grey hat doesn’t usually work with malicious intent, they just search for bugs and vulnerabilities in order to get a small fee for discovering the issue. Whereas the hacker type attempt to compromise a security system without permission and that is not legal.

Ethical Hackers – White Hat

Using skills and capabilities for good and legal purposes is known as White Hat hackers. They are also known as contrasting personalities of black hat hackers. White hats are employees or freelancers or contractors who are hired to test the weak spots in security systems. This is the job which an individual get after studying cybersecurity if he is good at what he does he can also start his own company giving cyber safety services. They determine how they can improve the security measures by simulating the attacks by imitating the malicious user or black hat and help identify the vulnerabilities.

White Hat performs tests on the security systems like penetration testing and many more, they exploit a completely authorized and legal form of hacking. All this happens by taking permission from the owner first and report all the findings to the security team.

cyber security services

Current Scenario for the hackers and Conclusion

As per the experts, black hat types of hackers are the most skilled hackers and are more experienced when compared to that of most of the white type of hackers. To ensure their safety from data breaches and other security threats many former black hats have turned their life around and now work as white hats.

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The requirement of ethical hacking is increasing to ensure malicious hackers do not get success in their efforts to access computer systems. Red-team, blue-team exercises and continuous penetration exercises are performed by companies to analyze and identify the weak spots, and to refine the security of their systems before the black hat types of hackers exploit them.

Ouriken is a standalone web design and digital agency. We design and implements powerful solutions for small and medium businesses in technology, business, and operations. Ouriken provides cybersecurity services and operations to effectively and efficiently detect and respond to the evolving threat landscape.

Do’s and Don’ts of Cyber Safety Measures!

Cyber Safety Measures must for all Business

The online world offers businesses the potential for reaching a broader customer base, use international suppliers and seldom even conserve on admin or supply expenses. However, the world of online business can bring the potential for scams and security risks in internet safety measures are not taken. A single successful attack could seriously damage your business and cause financial trouble for you and your clients, as well as affect your business’s status. It is important to have an update on cyber safety operation and protect your business against cybersecurity threats and make the most of the opportunities online. It’s a good idea to put an efficient cybersecurity system in place if your business accesses the internet or email to conduct business.

Here is your important checklist of do’s and don’ts when it comes to cyber safety facts and keeping your business secured from unwanted cyber attacks, hacks and human threats!

Managing administrative Password and Insist on strong passwords!

Update your operating system constantly. This is very important when new security patches come out under cyber safety information. Many computers do this automatically, just make sure you have the auto-update function switched on so you don’t miss out. Change all default passwords and look at disabling administrative access fully to evade an attacker from getting access to your computer or network. Make sure you change each password to something unique that can’t be quickly guessed, improving your digital security. Attackers own the potential to gain complete access to your system from an administrator level account.

Backing Up data

Backing up your company’s data and website may aid you as a cyber safety measure and help you recover what you’ve lost in the case of an attack. It’s crucial that you constantly back up your valuable data and information, from financial documents and business plans to client records and personal data. This will reduce the damage in the event of a breach or computer problem. Luckily, backing up your data is usually cost-effective and simple. It’s a great idea to use versatile back-up methods to further ensure the protection of your valuable files. A good back-up system typically includes daily,end-of-week, quarterly, and yearly server back-ups.

cyber safety services

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN’s connect your business to the network with an encrypted connection so data being shared online can’t be seen by third parties. VPN providers allow secure data connections within remote workers and your network also, which can be mainly valuable if you assign workers into the field (for deliveries or repairs, for instance).

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Secure your computers, laptops and mobile devices

Make sure all the devices used for work or business are secure. Don’t save important passwords on any mobile, laptop or computer device. Master how to use remote wipe capability on your phones and tablets through cyber safety services. Small portions of software identified as malware or viruses can infect your computers, laptops and mobile devices. Install security software on your company computers and devices to further prevent infection and ensure it comprises anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-spam filters. Make sure that you set your security software to update automatically as updates may include critical security upgrades based on fresh viruses and attacks.

Educate the Staff

Educate employees on using a USB stick or portable hard drive and make them well versed with cyber safety information. An anonymous cyber threat can inadvertently transfer from a portable device from home directly into your business system. So don’t assume everyone is doing the right job, and be actively alert and across your team, their activities and all components of your business and give them enough security training. It is essential to enlighten your team on the menaces they can face online and the major role they play in keeping your business safe. Your staff needs to be aware of their computer rights and responsibilities as well as their network access usage. Be particular about the types of online methods that are acceptable when using work computers, devices, and emails.

Use spam filters

Apply spam filters to decrease the volume of spam and phishing emails that your business experiences. Spam messages are normally from a person or organization that you don’t know, and they usually include offers too real to be true. Don’t reply, try to unsubscribe or call the number given in the message. The righteous thing to do is delete them. Applying a spam filter will help lessen the risk of you or your employees opening a phishing or fraudulent email by accident. Forwarding spam emails for marketing purposes is a crime under the law coming under cyber safety operations. Notable fines apply if this crime is proven.

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Protect your clients

No matter the extent of your client information database, it is vital that you keep it secure. Apart from being a tremendous blow to your organization’s reputation, there may be judicial consequences for losing clients’ personal information. For various people who buy online, it is necessary to identify that their payment particulars and address are safe. It is also important for your clients to know that you will not share their details without their permission. Give a secure online environment for transactions and ensure you secure any personal information that your business may store. Communicate to your payment gateway provider about what they can do to check online payment fraud and safeguard the interest of the client through cyber safety services.

cyber safety services

Outsource overwhelm. There are plenty of companies and consultants who will happily come in, audit your business and provide solutions. Whether it is your time and money or their time and your money, this is a non-negotiable expense that will save you far more than it will cost in the long run.

Ouriken -We are at the fore of the cyber frontier, relentlessly continuing innovative solutions that give the world a secure place to experience, serve, and do business with well implemented cyber safety operations.

With decades of mission intelligence linked with the most exceptional tools possible, we preserve businesses facing the attacks of today and equip them for the warnings of tomorrow.

We are a team of experienced strategists and analysts, engineers and operators in the world’s greatest missions and we know the strategies, structures, and statistics that describe cyber enterprises and operations.