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How to utilise Email to drive traffic to your blog?

Email marketing is still one of the most successful ways to communicate directly with your audience (and customers). Social contests, RSS feeds, and opt-in pop-ups can help you grow your amazing email list. Then, to attract plenty of traffic to your blog posts, create fantastic emails.In this article, we are going to tell tips on how to drive traffic to your blog using Emails:

1. Social marketing strategy might help you generate email leads

You undoubtedly already run contests and prizes on social media. The majority of socially conscious businesses do.Social contests not only expand your brand’s reach, but they’re also a fun method to acquire emails. Create a contest on your Facebook page, Twitter account, or blog. As an easy way to enter, request an email.

You may even incentivize individuals to spread the news about your offer by running a referral campaign, where you reward them for getting their friends to give you their email addresses as well!

2. More ideas for generating Social Emails

There is plenty of other fun and productive ways to gather emails through your social media channels. All of your social media profiles should have a link to your blog. Email-gated material, such as webinars, ebooks, and coupons, can be posted. You can create a Facebook tab for email signups and reward people who join up with special incentives.

Tips for collecting Emails from Social Media Sites:

  • Webinars and ebooks are examples of email-gated content that you can post on your social media sites.
  • Encourage email signups by making it simple on Facebook and Twitter – and in exchange, provide special incentives.
  • In the about or bio parts of your social media platforms, include links to your blog.

3.Design an RSS feed for your blog

Make it simple for those who have visited your site and want to hear more from you to stay in touch. Create a nice RSS subscription button for your blog and add it to your site.

Make it stand out by using contrasting colours and placing it near the top of your page.

4. Add Opt-in pop-ups

Yes, pop-up newsletters can be annoying. They can, however, help you grow your email list. They work so effectively, in fact, that they are used by almost every blog site, from large corporations to individual bloggers.

Choose the correct placement for your popup and use a popup builder that is optimised for it. Give reasons why your site visitors need your newsletters and how your content will help them live a better life or run a more profitable business. You’ll get more sign-ups if you include words like “free” or “exclusive content.” Maintain a friendly tone. It makes your incursion all the more welcome.

Tips for email popups:

  • Email popups are inconvenient, but they work, and they’re utilised by both large and small businesses.
  • Only individuals who have been interested in your site for a long time will see the popup.
  • To enhance your signup rates, make your popups inviting and informative.

5.Use your email to get email

You communicate with a large number of people via email. To get a lot of people to visit your blog, use your email signature.

In your email signature, provide a nice call to action urging recipients to visit your blog. Give a concise benefit to entice action, such as the topic of your blog. Include a simple link to click.

Tips on How to include Email Signatures

  • In your email signature, provide a link to your blog, and encourage your coworkers to do the same
  • Give people a compelling reason to visit your blog.
  • To generate more clicks use Signatures in your emails

6.Hook ‘em with the subject line

Your subject line will determine whether or not people will read your message.

Spend some time thinking about your line. Keep it brief and to the point, with a snappy call to action (CTA). Use marketing techniques such as posing a question, instilling a sense of urgency, inducing a scared state of scepticism, or emphasising a significant benefit your email will give.

A/B test your topics and use the one that gets the most opens, reads, and click-throughs with your target audience.

Tips for creating a great subject line

  • To attract people to open your email, create a sense of urgency.
  • Make it succinct and to the point.
  • Use marketing techniques like “…” to pique interest and encourage more involvement.

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7. Get real with your body

Make your email content real to attract people to click through to your blog or blog post. Emails that are generic, business, and impersonal are no longer effective. Keep in mind that you’re up against a slew of other emails in that mailbox.

Write emails as if you’re communicating with colleagues. In your material, use the terms “you” and “myself.” Make a conversational tone that is appealing to your target audience. Maintain a professional tone while remaining conversational.

By being genuine, you may strengthen your relationship with your email subscribers and invite them to join you on your blog.

Tips on how to keep your emails friendly

  • When sending emails, think about how you can connect with your readers
  • Treat your internet customers the same way you would offline customers, by speaking to them as if they were friends.
  • To improve your reader relationship, use the words “you” and “me.

8.Personalise those Notes

Keep your emails individualized in the same way that you keep them authentic. Include people’s names as well as any other pleasant personal information you have on your email subscribers.

Mention their company name and how the piece will help them if your blog article is about their business.According to the Aberdeen Group, personalized email click-through rates improve by 14%.

Tips for Personalizing your emails

  • Personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14%.
  • Personalize emails with names using a CRM like Sendinblue or Constant Contact.
  • Use Wishpond’s Social Marketing Suite to simply send personalised emails with a direct link while you’re conducting a contest on your blog.

9. Segment your emails

Based on your company needs, segment your large email list into focused groups.

Send blog pieces and newsletters to the people who are most likely to read them. You may even create many emails and newsletters that all link to the same blog post.

If you’re sending emails to your business suppliers, for example, you’ll probably want to differentiate them from emails to your active customers.

Tips for Segmenting your Emails list

  • To segment your email lists, use a CRM like Sendinblue or Constant Contact.
  • Use other tools to segment email addresses based on contest participation, Facebook likes, and geographic area, such as Wishpond Social Contact Database.
  • Send separate emails to your various email lists.

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10. Create clear Call to Actions

In your communications, make it clear what you’re asking for. When you want people to read your blog content, simply ask them. As a result, your response rate will improve.

Make it simple for others to respond to your request. Make sure the link to your blog article is easy to find and click. Colored CTA buttons can also be incorporated in your email. Many newsletter formatting tools make it simple to generate CTA buttons. Make use of them.

Tips for a clear call to actions

  • Create clickable, color-contrasting buttons that do the action you desire.
  • To make professional-looking buttons for your CTAs, use newsletter formatting tools like Stamplia, Fusion, Sendinblue, and others.
  • To enhance conversion rates, employ newsletter templates to accelerate the development process and design best practices.

11. Schedule to build trust

Make a schedule for publishing your blog articles on a regular basis. Not only will this make it easy for you to keep track of when you need new content, but it will also benefit your readers.

By posting on a regular basis, you can send regular articles to anyone who has subscribed to your RSS feeds. As consumers learn when to expect your next blog item, this can establish a habit in your readership, develop familiarity, and deepen trust in your business.

Tips for scheduling your Blog Articles

  •  Write your articles whenever you like, but post them on the same days and times every week.
  • Make a calendar to keep track of when each article will be published.
  • Create a schedule for your blog posts on WordPress or another blogging platform.

12.Send Visual newsletters

Isn’t it true that you prefer visual information? Your readers feel the same way. With image-heavy mailings, you can entice them to visit your blog. Include article summaries that convey your primary idea, but finish with a teaser and a clickable “read more” link or button.

Tips for Sending Email newsletters

  • To make your newsletter more user-friendly and engaging, include pictures.
  • To encourage visitors to your site, provide summaries of your articles with clickable “read more” buttons.
  • Keep in touch with your customers by sending out newsletters on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.


Email marketing is a great way to attract people to read and click on your blog posts. Use these suggestions to expand your email list and send effective emails that will outperform and drive traffic to your site.


What is Email Marketing and How to improve the Open Rate of your emails?

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a very important medium for marketing. It is part of Digital Marketing. In this concept, we are using emails to promote the business’s products and services. It will help your customers to aware of the latest products and the offers services by integrating them into your marketing efforts. It plays a very important role in marketing strategy which helps generate leads, brand awareness, building relationships, engaging customers through different types of marketing emails.

Advantages of Email Marketing:


Email marketing is cost-effective than other marketing channels. In traditional marketing, you have to pay for printing. posters and ad spaces etc. It makes it cost-effective other than traditional marketing.

2. Email Marketing is targeted

In traditional marketing, if you will give an ad related to any product in the newspaper or on the television then there are no limits on who can see that ad. You choose only where to advertise based on the publication and channel’s target audience and where your viewers and readers are interested. But in Email Marketing it is possible to segment your audience based on their interest and behavior. Also, you can send personalized messages to each user so it can lead to a higher conversion rate.

3. Email Marketing increases brand recognition

Email Marketing also increases potential customers for your business. In this, you can send the emails to customers with the subject line which will attract customers. In the first attempt, the people are not ready to buy your product but later on sending targeted emails to help you to stay top of mind with your target audience. So after when they want to purchase the product they will be more likely to choose your business.

4.Email Marketing is measurable

Email marketing campaigns are measurable. We can measure the performance of each campaign with the factors like open rate, bounce rate, and click-through rate, etc. These metrics will give you insights into customer behavior and interest.

5.Build Stronger customer relationships

Every customer of your product wants to know what is happening with your product and how they can get involved in this. So calling every customer on the phone is not possible for businesses. Email Marketing is there to bridge the gap. In this, you can also create a drip Email Marketing campaign to make the process smooth and easier. Drip campaigns are ongoing and they also take the user to the final conversion point.

6.Increase traffic to your website

To visit the customers to your site Email is an important aspect. You can include relevant links to your site in the email content. Also, you can include the links to your landing pages and the blog of your website.

If your product is having any updates or added some new feature then you can send emails to the customers to tell them about these new features.

For ex. Some online classes are having few seats left for their classes, and many of their potential customers missed this opportunity because they have not revisited your website you can send emails to them to fill these seats quickly.


Factors to consider to improve the open rate of your Emails?

1.Use Eye-catchy Subject line

In every email subject line is important. Similar to article headline or ad title the subject line is also important in email. It will engage the people in the product you are offering.

Generic subject lines will not help you target the customers.

->Question: You can use a question in your email subject line to make it a more personal connection with the viewer who is viewing your email.

->The command: Sometimes it pays more attention to the person who wants to take some action.

->The list: With the list, you can make your information more compelling and easy to consume.

-> The announcement: The subject line of your email should be not too complicated if you are doing an announcement. It should be straightforward about what your email is about.


2.Find the best time to send the emails

There are certain times of days when you can send emails. You can segment your email list into 2-3 groups accordingly and send the emails at different times of the day like in the morning, afternoon, and at night. This will take extra time but you will know when your email is opened or when they are likely to open. This will help you to determine the best day or time to send emails to prospects.


3.Get to know your audience

You should know the need and requirements of your customer, but how much you know the people in your contact list. Do you know the topics they are interested in? Do you know why they have joined their email list? Do you know what questions they are asking and how to address them? Understanding your audience is a critical part of email marketing. When you will know more about the customers in what topics they are interested.

Do it in different ways:

-> Survey: Send a short survey to readers to know what topics they are interested in.

->Polls: Ask readers to take a quick one-question poll.

4.Avoid Spam Filters

Email filters are becoming more and more complicated. If your email gets up in the spam folder then your open rate will be lower. Because hardly some people open the mails in the spam folder as they are important. So for that avoid sending spam mails. The emails which contain all caps letters and words like “free”, “sale” or “deal” are looks like spam. Also, your mail should not look like any company’s brochure and it should not contain too many links.


5.Keep Your Email List Fresh

Also if you want leads from your email marketing then your email list should be fresh and quality. Also, review it periodically and remove the inactive emails. Also, remove the emails which are having will improve the open rate and the cost of sending mails to non-existence email ids.


6.Write Quality Content

While sending the email content is also important with subject line and sender name. It would be difficult if you are sending the emails at right time but the content is not proper then it will not generate clicks and sales.


  1. Test Your Mail Again and Again

Testing your email is a key strategy for doing an effective email marketing campaign. In A/B Testing you are testing two different versions of emails. For example, if you are testing only the subject line of two emails then the mail which is having a good open rate is performing well.


  1. Include  A clear CTA

The call-to-action “Learn more”, “Sign up”, “Visit us” is the bottom line of every email in EMail marketing. Your CTA should define the goal of your email. Keep the CTA button at the place where it is performing well whether it is at top of the email or te the end of the email content.


It is better to keep only one CTA in the email. Because if you keep more than one CTA then it is quite confusing and distracting to the user.


  1. Resend Emails

In testing, you can play around with the subject line, CTA, and format of the email when resending it. Make sure that you should not resend the same content repeatedly. Instead, send another piece of content after few days to tell you that “Did you see the blog?”

If you are not getting clicks that you have expected then try a different piece of content with another subject line or trick to send the email.



Email Marketing is your online channel for online profits. The above techniques are useful to increase the open rate of your emails.

How Email Marketing is beneficial for businesses?

Regardless of the scale of the enterprise, the manner that advertising greenbacks are allotted may be very important. This is especially real for small corporations which have smaller budgets and precise need. Every penny spent on advertising ought to be really well worth it, and small corporations especially want to make certain they’re seeing some advantages all at once. Unfortunately, maximum small corporations don’t have the price range or luxurious to run numerous concurrent campaigns that cover all varieties of mediums. Return on funding is key. Email marketing is a good way to make certain that small corporations can reach out to their customers, develop their patron base, and construct their reputation. Best of all, handling an email marketing campaign is simpler than most human beings imagine.

Read directly to find out the pinnacle advantages of email marketing for small corporations in addition to why email marketing is the proper manner to attain your goals. Taking small enterprise advertising to the subsequent level. Email marketing is utilized by a number of the biggest corporations in the world. However, e-mail advertising isn’t only for large manufacturers with large budgets. In fact, e-mail marketing is one of the pleasant advertising techniques to be had for small corporations with strict price range considerations.

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1. Build sturdy purchaser relationships.

Your clients want to recognise that you’re considering them. They need to be made privy to the today’s that’s occurring for your enterprise. Why wouldn’t you preserve them as much as a date, if that’s what they need? Obviously, it’s almost not possible to reach out to all your clients with the aid of using a telecel smartphone. Not to say that could be a completely time-ingesting task. Sending mailouts is high-priced and wasteful.

Email is a nice manner to attain a replacement for your clients quickly. Today’s product launch, your subsequent huge event, and any information about your enterprise are all terrific subjects for normal newsletters. If a purchaser has opted in to obtain emails from you, you then definitely shouldn’t be shy about genuinely sending out emails and making touch with them.

Still now no longer satisfied, email marketing is one of the nice approaches to attain your clients?
Consider that maximum humans take a look at their telecel smartphone to look at their email updates earlier than they even get out of bed. What in case your enterprise might be one of the first matters a person thinks approximately the following day earlier than they’ve rolled out of bed?
Email marketing can supply that.

2. Develop your very own specific logo.

Think approximately a number of the maximum recognizable manufacturers withinside the world. Some logo names have emerged as so widely recognized that they’re synonymous with the enterprise they function in.
Kleenex is a terrific instance of this. What in case your small enterprise should have an actually identifiable logo like that?

Email marketing is a terrific manner to broaden your logo as it offers you an immediate line to the email inboxes of your clients or capacity clients. Regular updates provide you with a terrific possibility to create a completely unique voice, style, and photo for your subscribers. What do you need your logo to be? Create a logo manual and observe it with every and every email you send. Not simplest is every email a possibility to connect to your subscribers, however, it’s additionally a possibility to similarly cement your specific logo identification of their minds.

3. Become a professional with professional content material.

As a small commercial enterprise owner, you’re possibly visible as a nearby or nearby professional on the subject of your place of commercial enterprise. One manner to in addition cement this identification withinside the minds of customers is to preserve positioning yourself as a professional via the usage of content material.
Email marketing shouldn’t simply be about handing over coupons and sale information. In addition to emails designed to force site visitors in your commercial enterprise, you may use e-mail advertising to supply particular content material that your subscribers will revel in reading—or watching.
Videos are a notable manner to set up your emblem as a concept chief withinside the industry. Just check our instance below:

When you operate blogs or films as part of your email marketing campaign, you’re including a fee to each and every email you send. Not handiest does this construct your recognition as a professional, however, it additionally builds the recognition of your commercial enterprise communications. People can be excited to get hold of emails from you due to the fact they recognise you supply high-satisfactory content material regularly.

If you already provide professional content material via a blog or YouTube channel, then you should not forget to impart exclusive, e-mail-handiest content material with the intention to persuade humans to join your email list.
Your content material is one of all your maximum treasured advertising tools, and you may use it to construct different regions of your advertising strategy. If humans love what you do, then they’ll join up to peer greater notable content material. Best of all, that content material is brought immediately to them.

4. Email Marketing is green together along with your time and finances.

Within a small commercial enterprise, there are time and finances constraints, and, in maximum cases, there’s surely no manners around this. While shopping for a commercial to play all through the Super Bowl might be nice, it’s now no longer a choice for maximum small commercial enterprise advertising budgets.
Even centered junk mail campaigns that supply flyers to the mailboxes of humans close to you may be costly. Between designing, printing, and mailing prices, you can spend numerous bucks consistent with flyer delivery. Send out flyers to 1000 humans and, suddenly, you’ve got a totally high-priced marketing campaign in your hands, without a promise of results.

The time spent capturing tv advertisements or recording radio commercials also can consume into your backside line. Every second you’re now no longer focusing on your commercial enterprise is misplaced sales or, at the very least, a misplaced possibility to hook up with humans on a non-public level.

One of the most important blessings of email marketing for small corporations is the green use of time and finances.
Designing an expert e-mail marketing campaign isn’t complex or time-consuming. Sending emails to a huge quantity of subscribers is likewise very cost-powerful. You get direct entry to the email inboxes of ability clients, while not having to pay the prices of junk mail.
Dollar for dollar, e-mail advertising is one of the maximum cost-powerful varieties of advertising to be had in your commercial enterprise.

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5. Build credibility as a commercial enterprise.

One of the most important hurdles a small commercial enterprise has to conquer is constructing credibility. Why has a person provided their commercial enterprise to you whilst your call isn’t as recognizable because of the massive field shop down the road? The cause humans believe massive names in large part boils right all the way down to advertising. They’re acquainted with those names, in order that they permit those manufacturers greater belief.
By the use of e-mail advertising, you’re capable of constructing credibility with the aid of staying in touch together with your clients and preserving them updated approximately your commercial enterprise.
The greater they find out about your commercial enterprise, and the greater they listen to your commercial enterprise, the greater they’ll believe your commercial enterprise..


email solution tool

What is Email Marketing Automation? Why Businesses use it?


You’ve probably heard words like “email drip campaigns” and “marketing automation” a lot recently. Email automation is becoming a crucial component of a smart company’s online marketing strategy.


Email marketing automation, contrary to popular belief, is all about cultivating customer relationships. You may use the automation process to integrate your customer data and all of your marketing channels together to create a closer relationship with your customer. If done correctly, email automation can be incredibly personalised.

Email automation campaigns can be as easy or as complicated as your company’s goals and resources allow:

  • A simple email automation campaign consists of a few emails sent out on a regular basis to everyone who, for example, enters your online contest.
  • Workflow diagrams with decision matrices based on your prospects’ behaviors might be part of a comprehensive email automation campaign. You could, for example, create an automation campaign with the purpose of achieving a product sale.

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Why Does My Business Need Email Automation?

For a variety of reasons, your company requires email marketing automation. Finally, automation is required to nurture client connections, increase new client sales, and convert new customers into repeat purchases. Brevo provides an email automation feature in which you can save time and boost performance by sending automated marketing messages.

Reasons why Small Businesses need Email Automation:

1.Nurture Your Leads

An email has long been considered one of the most efficient ways to nurture leads. Using an automated campaign, you may send your prospects a succession of highly relevant and timely messages.

The better you understand your customer, the more likely they are to stay with you. Even better, if you build a strong relationship with them, they’ll be more likely to tell their friends about you.

2.Send Personalized One-One communication

You can quickly customise your email campaigns with the help of decent email automation software and CRM.

A customised subject line can boost open rates by up to 35 percent. More advice on writing effective email subject lines may be found here.

Unlike social media, email allows you to communicate with your customers one-on-one. Your message will be delivered to them directly.

3. Reach Your Customer

An email automation campaign, which is related to social media, reaches your customer. We all know that the reach of social media platforms like Facebook is decreasing. You can manage the frequency of your reach with email, and you can be confident that your emails will get in your customers’ inboxes.

Twitter is a fantastic social media platform, but let’s face it: Most of your Tweets aren’t viewed by everyone. Most other services, such as Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and even LinkedIn, are similar.

4. Email Gets Read and You Get Seen

We all check our emails, and your customers do as well. Your emails are opened and read. Your email is still visible by your prospect even if it isn’t opened.

You enhance your customer touchpoints every time your emails “from” and “subject” lines are seen. As a marketer, you’re well aware that the more interactions you have with a consumer, the more likely they are to recognize your brand, remember your identity, and buy from you.

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5. Easy to Segment and Send Targeted Messages

It’s worthwhile to build up many email automation campaigns so that you may send highly targeted communications to your target demographics.

It’s worthwhile to build up many email automation campaigns so that you may send highly targeted communications to your target demographics.

You could segment your leads by:

    • Location
    • Age
    • Interests
    • Gender

6. Streamline Your Sales Funnel

Your sales funnel will be more efficient if you automate your email messages. You free up time for your sales staff to focus on the high-quality leads generated by your efforts.

When customers see your campaign landing page, you may track their click-through rates and other actions. Your sales team can then target the consumers who are most interested and engaged in order to close the deal more quickly.

7. Drive traffic to your Landing Page

Email automation can help you improve the number of visitors to your website. Invite your clients to visit you on new landing page campaigns in emails that build trust and enhance brand ties.

For example, we discovered that email marketing is the second most important source of traffic to our ebook pages (after an organic search).

People are more likely to click through to your website and specific landing pages if you send them an email.



4 Reasons Why You Need an Email Marketing Services Provider for Your SMB

It’s no secret that for most SMBs, quick consumer retention and sales development are among the highest priorities – but they still face some of the key obstacles to sustained progress.

Email marketing has proved to be one of the most powerful methods to transform customers and sustain customer loyalty over the product lifecycle.

In an attempt to speed up growth rates, company owners can be inclined to concentrate on fast acquisition and short-term payouts. But a long-term marketing campaign devoted to successful sales, deep consumer engagement, and high-quality revenue is required to achieve sustained success.

The right provider of email marketing services can motivate you to do just that. Press on to discover why.

1. Brand Awareness

Knowledge of the business lifecycle is all at this point. Perhaps just a minority of your future clients would know a lot about your company or your goods. So, if you don’t tell them who is?

You need to start building up a network of loyal supporters and sharing daily posts with them – featuring only material that is of course useful. Newsletters are the perfect way to Grow it up with the target group and raise understanding of this.

Know, when exchanging product details is vital to help your future buyers understand what you are selling, you really need to start telling the story of your company.

What are you, then? Where do you do business? Who are the people you deal with? What is the benefit you may confer?

This can be done by convincing business promotions that hold the name in the spotlight and hold the current and future clients in the loop.

As your company expands it is important to make them a part of your story.

2. Look Professional

Your business may only be in the early stages, but that doesn’t mean you should be losing the brand’s look and sound.

To establish trust with your target audience you need to keep your communications beautiful and sophisticated from the very outset.

With too many marketers competing with stunning, mobile-optimized emails for the attention of the customers, bad design just doesn’t make it anymore. At best you are going to lose out on an open, at worst you are going to badly hurt the credibility of your firm.

Here at Brevo, we make it simple for you to use our drag and drop email design platform and email template collection to build sensitive emails. Email templates allow you to build well-designed email newsletters quickly and easily to reach your customers – no HTML or CSS information needed.

3. Avoid getting lost in spam

Some small and medium-sized companies are concerned about the cost and time involved with getting identified with an email marketing service provider and opt and send their own email blasts instead to avoid the initiative and expense.

You ought to think and weigh the long-term advantages and incentives of opting for a company before you adopt this DIY strategy.

Email marketing systems are designed to deliver email promotions on a large scale. Just Gmail and Outlook. Think of all the missing chances of attracting a potential client or upselling an existing one if the emails get lost in spam files.

You want to maximize the deliverability of emails and open rates by targeting the target audience with the correct message and at the right time in their inbox.

4. Build and engaged contact list

Growing up an email list may sound like a painfully long process for SMBs trying to scale up rapidly. Buying or renting email lists can be enticing to obtain access to a vast range of potential new clients and accelerate the rise.

This can be an expensive error that can threaten the company’s growth and prestige for several reasons:

  1. You don’t know much about the individuals or companies on the email list, so you have no way to make information important to your posts.
  2.  Few people will open your unsolicited emails and many will flag them as spam, damaging your email credibility.
  3. Getting a trustworthy email marketing service welcoming you as a client with a poor mailing background would be really hard to find.
  4. According to the GDPR, non-opt-in techniques are illegal according to the laws in your region.

The point of running a company is that by solving a dilemma you owe your clients money. The only way to ensure long-term, successful progress is to get the right people involved in the plan.

With a successful email collection development plan focused on clients and prospects who are very interested in what you have to say, you can do this by expanding your client list.

Here are just some of the ways to start building your email list

  • Defines customer personas early because you have a better picture of your target audience’s expectations and desires. This way, to reach your current and future clients, you will start creating appropriate content and marketing.
  • Creates simple and conveniently positioned sign-up forms and a convincing call-to-action through the website. Sign-up forms are one of the most critical hurdles to overcome when attracting potential subscribers because if you want to broaden your client list, you need to do it right.
  • Defines your email marketing plan focused on your subscriber’s whole lifecycle. Here the main concerns are interactive style, persuasive content, and tailored contact list segments.
  • Offer value by valuable gated services and tools like ebooks, tutorials, or free demos. The value exchange offers consumers a more persuasive incentive to move on their results.

Here at Brevo we will help you gather and maintain your contacts with simple, customizable, GDPR-compliant subscription forms that can be directly incorporated into your website template.

Our efficient subscription editor lets you personalize forms to suit your website and customize content and user interface to fit your needs.

But you can easily scale your efforts with the right email marketing service provider and start developing high-quality email promotions to maximize sales and create the consumer satisfaction you need to achieve sustained results.

How to Find the Right Email Marketing Services for Your Business?

Any marketer looking to scale knows the value of using the right resources in their marketing deck.

According to Gartner, almost one-third of marketing budgets are now allocated to marketing technology.

This growing figure shows that marketing leaders are becoming increasingly aware of the value of building scalable workflows that drive sustainable success. As one of the top drivers of ROI, a solid email marketing platform needs to be a key element in your marketing stack.

The Salesforce 2018 State of Marketing Report highlighted email as one of the most important channels in generating engagement and returns across the entire customer journey, from acquisition to retention and upselling. And if you want to up your email marketing game and raise sales, investing in the right technologies should be a no-brainer for your company.

Yet with more products and resources on the market than ever before, finding the best option to suit your unique business needs can be a time-consuming and downright stressful task – but it doesn’t have to be!

1. Responsive Design

60 percent of emails are accessed on phones. This means that mobile-optimized emails are no longer good to have – they are non-negotiable.

People not only like enticing communications from all platforms – they expect it. Poorly-formatted emails are a sure-fire way to lose loyal clients and miss out on lucrative chances to attract new customers too.

2. Email Templates

When it comes to email marketing, one of the most important items to remember are the emails themselves.

Choosing a provider with ready-made, customizable email templates would help you to build emails quickly and easily, without the need for design expertise and without losing efficiency.

If you are searching for even more efficient interface solutions and personalization enhancement, then select a provider with a sample script.

A prototype language helps you to take your emails a step further for interactive personalisation. You can present unique content to your recipients based on communication attributes or transactional criteria, such as a personalised title, document, or photograph.

As personalisation is high on the email marketing agenda this year, using a modeling language to tailor your email to each individual user could really set you apart from the competition.

3. Contact Management

Growing and maintaining an active client list is one of the most critical aspects of the email marketing campaign.

With more and more marketers competing for attention in the customer ‘s inbox, the opportunity to deliver the right message to the right contacts will be a leading factor when it comes to selecting the email marketing services company.

Studies indicate that 66 percent of customers unsubscribe from emails because they aren’t appropriate. For the right service, you can prevent your clients from pressing ‘unsubscribe’ by skillfully segmenting your email list.

Through grouping your email contact list into smaller, more oriented lists, you can create more tailored and meaningful content based on the desires of and group. Emails are not one-size-fits-all.

Although one email may cater to certain people on your list, others might require a totally different address. For a lot of organizations, this is one of the most difficult moves, but with the right vendor, this can be a straightforward process by simply keeping the right characteristics in the contact list. Segmentation may be based on common preferences, backgrounds, or characteristics.

The ability to pinpoint certain contacts in your list with search filters is also a valuable functionality to look out for.

Hey, you want to give a message to even your biggest customers? And even those who didn’t open your previous email? Search filters help you to reach these different audiences with a message that’s personalized directly to them.

It is a perfect way to build personal bonds for your clients by listening directly to their needs and providing real meaning. Implementing successful segmentation and searches would help you to optimise interaction, create greater customer satisfaction, improve deliverability, and better track the performance of your different marketing campaigns.


Marketing automation is one of the fastest-growing technologies in terms of acceptance by digital marketers – and with good reason!

Think of the most repetitive jobs – the things that you have to constantly perform – day in, day out. Now consider that you could create a workflow to automatically activate these tasks so you can spend your time more strategically. Marketing automation helps you to build workflows to optimize and scale the most critical activities, including delivering perfectly-timed newsletters, advanced segmentation, re-engaging dormant subscribers, and so much more.

Through automation, you can take your contact list segmentation to the next stage by building dynamically generated segments based on items like website actions, past email interaction, and lead score.

A simple automation workflow will allow you to automatically add contacts to specific lists if and when they meet a certain set of criteria.

By automating workflows you can also ensure that you ‘re not just sending the right message, but that you ‘re delivering it at the right time too.

Marketing automation can increase open rates by 71 percent, so the ability to create custom workflows that perfectly-timed messages is essential to optimise the customer experience and maximise the success of your campaigns.

If you want to scale your efforts quickly and build sustainable success, then this feature should be top of your list when searching for the right email marketing services provider.

5. Customer Support

You want to find an email marketing service provider that acts as an extension of the marketing department – and that means smooth and efficient contact.

Of course, while finding the correct service means the need for care is lessened, we all need to call for assistance every once in a while.

Implementing successful segmentation and searches will help you to maximize interaction, create greater customer satisfaction, improve deliverability, and better track the various marketing strategies’ performance.


Where email marketing companies are concerned, the solutions vary from free basic platforms to highly costly providers with loads of specialized functionality.

Your aim will be to find a cost-effective resource that can also offer the features and ROI you need to scale up. This is easier said than done, especially for small to medium-sized businesses where it can be difficult to predict the growth trajectory. That’s why you want to use a scalable pricing model provider, so you can start as small as you need and expand as large as you want without changing the services.

Of starters, when it comes to handling your connections, rapidly growing companies need a method that can scale quickly as the company expands.

Many email marketing service providers base their pricing on the number of contacts on your lists, which means you can need to update your contract as soon as possible.

Opting for a package that provides limitless contacts and bases the price on email volume rather than contact number may be a more cost-effective choice for rapidly expanding companies.

It ensures that when you are able to ramp up the shipping frequency you will keep increasing the contact list in the background and update.

Choosing the right supplier of email marketing has the potential to make or break your marketing campaign. You want a solution that not only suits your market needs now but can also encourage the deep consumer loyalty you need to raise sales and drive growth.

Want to find out more about the best email marketing service for your business? Check out our blog to compare the features and prices of the top four providers of email marketing services and help you find out which one is right for you.

A step by step guide to making your Real Estate Email Marketing more effective

In this article, we will explore the benefits of real estate email marketing, how it can affect your company, and how you can launch an effective real estate email campaign.

Real estate email marketing may seem a challenging idea, specifically for agents and businesses that rely on a conventional approach to customer interaction. Though make no mistake, if you work in today’s competitive industry, you’ll need to know how to use real estate email marketing.

To understand the significance of realtor’s email marketing, you’ll need to explore what they can do to support your company. That includes finding out how real estate email blasts and campaigns can help you engage better with customers and prospective customers.

However, email marketing goes far beyond communication and can help grow leads and expand the business. It’s an easy idea to implement, but one that needs expertise and the support of a reliable email blast provider.

Here ‘s exactly what you need to know.

Why you should be doing Real Estate Email Marketing?

There are several benefits email marketing has for realtors. What you need to know first is why you should use email marketing.

1. To save time and money

When you’ve built a successful email campaign (we’ll explain how to do it later), you can sit back and let the machine do their job.

The great beauty of email marketing is it’s being able to automate it. Then you can concentrate on bigger ticket things like closing sales once you have your email list in place and have planned your messaging.

2. Build your Real Estate Brand

Email marketing in real estate should directly reflect the brand of your agency. Your company already has a reputation within your group and this will extend your email messaging. You can build up your mark efficiently by creating relevant content.

3.Thrive communication with Real Estate prospects and customers

As a real estate consultant, your key aim is to connect with your clients and potential customers. Targeted email alerts and promotions will allow you to do exactly that, cultivating your current partnerships and bringing new prospects into your company. Email marketing in real estate is one of the best ways to nurture engagement.

4. Generate more revenue for your Real Estate business

An email campaign for real estate is a perfect way to transform leads to sales. Email is an easy way for prospects to connect and learn more about their habits and needs. You will then use the useful knowledge to close deals and produce revenue.

How email marketing will affect your Real Estate Business?

1. Nurture relationships with real estate clients

Customers want to feel involved and connected to the companies they work with. This is particularly true in the high-stakes real estate world. A targeted Real Estate email marketing strategy will help you maintain these relationships.

Make sure that all your clients and prospects are not similar. By using email marketing segmentation techniques, you can organize your real estate list into segments of contacts that share the same characteristics. (e.g. Price range and area preferences).

If your email content is relevant to the needs of contact, they are more likely to read through it all the way. Customers want to feel appreciated and will build trust in your real estate brand by acknowledging their specific interests via focused emails.

2. Become more adaptable

You want to expand your company and you want a marketing campaign that is going to scale alongside you. Real estate email marketing can be adapted at any time to your needs and can evolve organically with your company. It ‘s important for success to have adaptability in how you communicate with clients.

3. Gain access to a broader range of customers and prospects

Sendinblue opens the door to usability by selecting a reliable email marketing company it wants. Our all-in-sales and marketing toolbox will help you sell your product to a wider variety of consumers and prospective clients.

4. Close More Real Estate Sales

Any real estate email campaign ultimately aims to close more sales. And you’ll be able to compare revenue with your digital marketing campaigns using the right resources and technologies.

Below we’ll detail how you can quickly and reliably execute real estate email marketing to generate higher sales and business growth.

How to make your real estate email marketing a success

1. Outline your email marketing goals

To get the best out of real estate email marketing, you’ll need to guarantee that your priorities match with your strategic strategy in the long term. That involves targeting the right audiences for your message and ensuring that your emails receive a fitting call for action.

It may be one of the most critical measures to ensuring your real estate email campaign is successful. In the same way, you will ensure that your priorities are changed and modified as your company expands and your customers change.

2.Build out your Real Estate Email List

To get the best returns from your promotions you’ll need a committed and involved real estate. So what is the safest way to win one ‘s hold?

Of course, actually purchasing an email list may seem appealing but this choice should be avoided at all costs. Sending unsolicited emails places you in danger of being classified by ISPs as spam which can hurt your deliverability in the long run.

Only organically grow your list using opt-in methods like email signup forms. You can place them on your website, link them to social media, and even have in your agency office a written sign-up form.

3. Choose the best email marketing service for real estate professionals

There is no shortage of realtors to choose from about email marketing services. Be sure to test out our comparison email service guide to find the one that fits better for you.

Note that beyond a publicity device you want a friend. Choose a company that can evolve and adapts to suit your changing demands – and in the process will not cost a lot.

It’s time to try real estate email marketing

Hopefully, you ‘re now aware that email marketing in real estate is a good choice for your business. From updates to personalized material, email is a convenient and inexpensive way to grow your company and reach consumers.

It also affords unlimited creative possibilities and gives the real estate business the chance to differentiate the company from the competition. It has the special advantage of supplying a wide community of individuals with specialized, tailored communications.

Creating real estate email blasts and campaigns is fairly easy. Working with a trusted partner such as Sendinblue gives you all the tools you need to succeed. To get started, Create your free Sendinblue account in just a few clicks!

Everything you need to know about Email Marketing!

You own an Email Address. Similarly, 4.4 BILLION people worldwide own an Email Address. That’s roughly 54% of the World’s Population using Emails

Email is considered to be one of the most preferred Channels for a business to personalize their communication with their Consumer or Potential Customer.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the act of conveying a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its widest sense, every email sent to a possible or current customer could be regarded email marketing. It ordinarily involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is intended to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness. Marketing emails can be sent to a purchased lead list or a current client database. The term ordinarily refers to sending email messages with the intention of improving a merchant’s relationship with current or previous customers, encouraging customer loyalty and repeat business, obtaining new customers or convincing current customers to purchase something instantly, and sharing third-party ads.

Email marketing is one of the most effective approaches to reach and engage your audience. In fact, the value of email marketing is so great that we suggest most businesses develop a strategy for implementation by 2020.

The importance of email marketing


Email marketing is essential for many reasons. For example, it is significant because it is extremely versatile. You can make the emails that you send to promote your business so that they suit whatever need that you might have. You can target many diverse social groups and modify the content accordingly. Since the business world is regularly changing, you have to be able to respond instantly to any changes that the marketing experts present.

02. Emails are Accessible on Mobile

Emails are Accessible on Mobile. There are 300+ Smartphone Users in India. This number is predicted to hit 440+ Million by the year 2022. The 3rd most frequently performed a task on a Smartphone is checking Emails. When people are waiting in line at a Coffee Shop, travelling, or just about to sleep they check their emails. Indians check their emails on their phone an average 3 times a day.

Email marketing

03. Emails are Cheap

Also, another reason why this kind of marketing is significant for any business and should not be overlooked and disregarded is that it is very inexpensive. You can consolidate it into any kind of marketing plan that your business might have, without possessing any additional costs. This way, if you get anything from email marketing, you will, fundamentally, get something for nothing. Generating profit, without spending any money, is something that every serious business will take into concern.

04. Smart and Automated

Let’s take an example

Suppose you own a Gym Setup. You have received a lead of Amit showing interest in signing up for your Gym Services. You decide to drop him an email with some details. After 48 Hours Amit has still not replied back. What would you do? Stop Mailing | Send Another Mail
You should follow-up by sending a second mail. This follow up mail can be sent out automatically. It’s called a Workflow or Drip Marketing.
Drip marketing is a communication approach that sends, or “drips,” a pre-written set of messages to clients or prospects over time. These messages usually take the form of email marketing, although other media can also be utilised.


Brevo empowers businesses to build and develop relationships with their customers.

Brevo was built for you! Their humble beginnings as a digital agency opened their eyes to the needs of growing businesses: marketers need tools that can efficiently scale as they mature. Most marketing suites are created for large corporations and come with an enterprise-level price tag.

That’s why Brevo was created. Serving small and medium-sized businesses is in their DNA and everything about their features, support, and pricing is designed with you in mind. Whether you need to maintain email campaigns, send text messages, or save time with automation, we can assist you to do it efficiently, on-budget, and in your language.

Brevo offers cloud-based digital marketing tools to over 50,000 growing organizations around the world. Which is Available in Six different languages and over 30 million plus Text Messages send per day.

Email marketing

Mail Jet

Mailjet is a cloud-based, all-in-one email service provider (ESP) that enables you to send both transactional and marketing email campaigns. Create your account in some clicks and send your first message in seconds!

Mailjet’s platform allows you to designs beautiful emails in their drag-and-drop editor, ensure reliable mailing on their safe and robust infrastructure hosted on Google Cloud Platform, and monitor & optimize key analytics like open rates, bounce rates, spam hits, and much more.

Why should you use Mailjet?

Mailjet is one of only email service providers allowing a centralized service that lets you send both transactional and marketing emails from the same account and platform. Their pricing depends only on emails sent, as they do not charge for simply sustaining a large contact list, and helps your business as it grows.

They have a large team devoted to improving your emails land in the inbox, including our Deliverability experts who can not only advise you on your methods but also have long-term relationships with ISPs like Gmail and Outlook. This helps assure that valid emails taking off through our servers always land in the inboxes, despite ISP.

From a developer perspective, Mailjet’s flexible API makes their platform really easy to integrate with to ensure your emails are integrated perfectly into your product or service.


With more than 15 million customers sending about 1 billion emails each day, MailChimp’s got to be doing something right. It’s the most successful email marketing service out there, perfect for beginners and more advanced users. For solopreneurs and small businesses with less than 2,000 subscribers, MailChimp grants a free option.

MailChimp takes their Freemium offering earnestly and provides exceptional service to all their customers, no matter what they’re paying—or not paying. You can chat with a representative online or get general questions answered by reading the content available on their website.

Also key to MailChimp’s success is how simple it is to use. It offers an intuitive dashboard that clearly displays all important features, a step-by-step guide that walks you through the email campaign-making process, and a drag-and-drop email template editor that makes it easy to dive into email marketing without any former knowledge or skills.