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New trends of Web Designing in 2021

Trends come and go and every time it keeps getting better and unique. Just like how technology keeps changing, trends change as well. After a certain period of time, the thing that was called “Trend” does not get that much attention from the audience. so one needs to keep track of things that are trending to interact with audience. 

There are many new and unique things trending in 2021, let’s have a look at the web designs that are trending 

  • Fonts

Since covid, all the vintage and old stuff are coming back as aesthetics whether its fashion, makeup or architecture. Therefore, retro fonts are also slowly coming back as a trend. 

In 2021, the retro fonts that are coming back are not the same dull & tired fonts anymore; they are changed and styled in a modern way to look cool and fresh.

Many companies, brands are using retro fonts on web designs which are attracting a large number of audiences. 2021 is a throwback and merging of both old & new and creating something unique.

  • Horizontal scroll

Horizontal scroll on websites are in trend as they are something unique and new. However, keeping a horizontal scroll on the website means you need to add proper labels and arrows. Without proper labels it will confuse the audience and hence no matter how good the website will be it will not grab much attention as customers won’t be able to find the information they need.

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  • Cartoon illustrations

Nowadays keeping cartoon illustrations as logo for any information is growing. 

Before the websites were all full of texts and images but due to web designers creating new unique designs and ideas to connect with the audience on a personal level, cartoon illustrations have taken a massive growth.

Cartoon illustrations have gained popularity as it displays humanity and a healthy environment. These illustrations show more creativity and also grab the attention of a large number of audience.

  • Colour less

Colour less design is slowly getting a lot of attention. It may sound plain and minimal but it still gives off a very aesthetic pleasing feel to the website. 

This colourless design has a very plain white background as a normal website and all the images displayed are all in white-grey-black effect, once the audience clicks or goes to the images it turns from black & white to colourful images. 

However, the model agencies, photographers, or designers using this type of design surely gets lots of attention as it keeps the aesthetic minimal but also very dynamic.

  • Parallax Design

Parallax is an illusion where the near object seems to be moving faster than other objects. We see this effect in our everyday life for example while riding your car through scenery.

The reason why this parallax effect is gaining lots of attention is because it makes the web page seem real and alive.

The web page looks like a theatre stage with all those moving objects and it also makes the website seem very unique and engaging. As animations are growing fast in the modern world, using them for website designs is a very good way to attract audience attention.

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  • Serene colours

An average person spends almost 3-4 hours a day on the internet without adding the work hours. Surfing the internet all day and seeing all the graphics and 3d images gives a lot of strain on the eyes. 

Now that the web designers have taken this thing into account and brought a serene colour web design that is easy on human eyes. 

In 2021, people have started thinking more beside the dark and light colours. The medium and soft tone colours are in trend that not only seem vintage but also very aesthetically pleasing.

Use of pastel colours such as sage green, light blue, medium to soft light tones of orange and purple are very popular hence using them on websites will not only make it look beautiful but will also help to please the eye strain and attract an audience.

Why do companies Redesign their Website every year?

Credits: Jagruti Singhal

The reason why companies redesign their website every 3 years is due to changes in technology. Technology runs fast and just like that websites also get outdated. Nobody wants an obsolete website on a network full of new and modern websites with unique web designs. Hence, to keep up with the modern trend’s companies redesign their websites every 3 years which keeps the company’s website fresh and does not allow it to fade in the crowd.

Redesigning a website does not only include changes in graphics or keeping up with trends but also changes in SEO and speech-specific keywords. SEO tactics keep changing every few years and due to this reason companies should redesign and update their websites every few years.

When do you know it’s time to redesign your website?

Firstly, without beating around the bush, you must redesign your website every 2-3 years. If you want your website to stand out and do not wish for it to vanish in thin air around the new modern websites with trendy web designs on the internet you must keep updating and redesigning your web every few years.

Now let’s have a look at the list of things that will help you to know that your website needs an update:

1.Visually Outdated: 

First impressions matter a lot! Let’s be honest, if you meet a person for the first time you are going to judge him through his outward appearance like fashion, hygiene, or beauty, etc. Just like that, websites are also judged. No visitor is going to keep scrolling and going around your website if they find it visually unappealing. If you haven’t redesigned your website in more than 5yrs then guess what? You need a website redesign.

An outdated web design either gives the impression of not being in touch with modern trends or the website company just doesn’t care. It may also give the impression of the website and company being shut down. Due to this, you may lose tons of customers. 

2.Heavy texts:

We live in a visually appealing world. If your website consists of more words & texts than graphic designs, images, and icons then without giving it a second thought you should start redesigning your website.

No visitor is going to scroll through your website that’s full of heavy texts. It’s not only uneasy for the eyes but it’s also overwhelming, and no matter what type of message you are trying to convey it will most likely get lost, misread, or unread. 

People have an average attention span of 8 seconds and you need to use it wisely. A text-heavy website will not only give the visitors a hard time reading but will also block the call-to-action buttons which may lead to visitors giving up and leaving the website.

3.Slow Loading:

Like we said before the attention span of visitors is 8 seconds and you want to capture their attention in those 8 seconds for them to actually engage on your website. 

In a world full of fast network connections, if your website takes a lot of time loading it will lead to visitors losing their interest and moving on to another website.

Hence, your website must load within 3 seconds. No visitor is going to be around on the website that takes more than 10 seconds to load unless it’s really an important website. 

4.Not Responsive to Mobile Device:

Responsive web designing servicesn average person spends more than 5 hours on their smartphone which means having a mobile responsive site is a must! People need information as fast as possible and smartphones are the devices that are very much convenient to use. 

A visitor will most likely check your website on their mobile-first and once you grab their attention, they will move to their other devices like laptops, etc to have a good experience. A website displayed incorrectly on a smartphone will make visitors lose interest.

No matter how good your website is, if it does not display correctly on a smartphone it will lead to a loss of visitors. 

Web redesigning surely has many steps but taking time and evaluating your presence online will surely lead you one step ahead of your goals. 

How to Keep Your Website Ahead Of the Competition

Marketing a website in 2019 is very challenging. The rivalry is extremely intense, and if you don’t think smart, almost someone else will think smarter than you. Navigating effective website marketing strategies may sound labyrinth as there are plenty of traps to avoid and things you should not do. Whether you are new to creating a successful website or you’ve been doing it for a long time, items you’re missing might still be apparent.

Don’t worry; to help, we’re here. There are many ways to sell and advance the website from the competition, and some of these methods are more obvious than others. Some might give you a thinking break. Here are just a few of the forms we found effective in keeping your website ahead of your competition and becoming a market leader.

Involving others

It may sound strange, but the ratings of your website can really be sponsored by other people. Marketing staff tends to rely on artificial intelligence – algorithms and ratings and machines – a little too much. All this is good, but there is no suggestion that comes from a real person, quite like that. To get the website into a human-edited web directory would be an example of how to do this. Human edited web directories ensure that websites are reviewed and chosen on the basis of engaging insightful content, not only selected by an (admitted advanced) algorithm because they tick boxes. Networking with others will raise your visibility, give you a good reputation in your family, and allow you to differentiate yourself from others.

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Investigate the Competitors

If you don’t know who they are, you can’t know if you’re offering better products than your competition. Checking out the peers and how they treat web design and communication is no embarrassment. For your website, market research is essential if you want to remain competitive, as there is a risk that your competitors will all do something that you overlook. Make sure that you follow one and that you can’t go far wrong. Ask yourself what you can repurpose for your site and how can you be the best you can for the visitors and customers once you’ve learned what your competitors are all about.

Create a unique brand

It sounds obvious, isn’t it? “Be different because you are special.” Maybe this doesn’t feel like the world’s freshest insight. But you would be shocked at how many small site owners and content developers just don’t grasp these basic building blocks to make the page stand out. If you are new with your content, simply because you are original and individual, you will attract tourists. It applies not only to the page itself but also to the ancillary material connecting to it – youtube videos, social media updates, the influencers to which you contribute, and so on. Find a niche that is not being filled at the moment and look to fill it. People will begin to consider your product as being made to your rivals from a different cloth, and word-of-mouth advertising is going to work for you.

website designing services

Establish a good presence throughout social media

Modern advertising has been destroyed. Long-long advertising influencer. With your blog, you won’t get anywhere if you don’t set up a presence on social media. This will certainly all of the competitors do. Roughly 2 billion people were using social networking sites and applications back in 2015. Imagine how rapidly this number has risen since then. If you don’t develop your own profile on Twitter and Instagram, you’re just not hitting a large enough audience. If you want to reach a mass audience, Facebook is also relevant. Video content will also need to be created via Youtube. Ask yourself if your brand could benefit from this type of content, and if it’s not, ask yourself if there is no way you might change it a little. Social media is the key to going forward.

Use as much personal content as you can

This should go without saying, but if you want your website to stand out, you have to use as much content as possible that does not appear on their websites. Do not use stock pictures, photos, or sounds (when possible). If you need to use stock media, make sure the stock media is not widely used. Needless to say, DO NOT plagiarize material from other sites, even if the content is somewhat rewarded. You’re going to be found out and the massive hit to your reputation would not be worth it. If you are not comfortable in your ability to build your own brand, then search for talented staff that can support you in this endeavor. Trust us, it’s worth it.

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Achieve Straightforward interaction

You need to know what your brand is about before you build your website. Try the o quick, a short phrase about what you are doing. If you can’t do that, at the planning stage, your idea will be flawed and you will have to start again.

Try to use it as a model for all the text content you make on your page once you have your sentence. Simply and clearly communicate your beliefs and brand to your audience. The more confused the core identity of the brand is, the fewer people can understand what you are trying to do. In particular, it’s definitely a good thing to strive for a simpler and more open website. Imagine being a client. Want to wade through menus and violet prose to figure out what you’re after? Write and it will evolve for your audience.

Ouriken‘s standard web designing services include many features that contain home, blog, images, faq, contact us and many more. It is the best web designing firm. Ouriken is a standalone web design and digital agency. We design and implements powerful solutions for small and medium businesses in technology, business, and operations.

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Why and How to Optimize your Website for Mobile Devices?

In these modern times of technology, it is very important for websites to be accessible across a variety of devices. Mobile traffic has been seen a significant, steady, and rapid increase in the coming years and it finally overtook the traditional desktop and laptop computer users in 2015. And changing the algorithm of Google favors mobile-friendly sites. A change in the Google search engine in April 2015, giving priority to those websites that display well on smartphones and other mobile devices, nicknamed, Mobilegeddon has penalized those websites who were not providing an adequate experience for mobile users forcing their website owners to invest more in the mobile upgrades giving a helping hand to app development.

We found a significant drop in traffic for non-mobile-optimized websites while monitoring the websites of some users and customers, while mobile-enabled websites saw a slight increase in incoming traffic which we attributed to a higher search engine ranking.

Create your mobile-friendly website

Non-mobile-optimized try to cram a traditional website into small limits of a mobile device, making the content difficult if not impossible to read and much harder to navigate. On the contrary, mobile-friendly sites adapt to the screen resolution of the device. The text is large enough to read, images adjust to the screen frame size, and navigation buttons are accommodating to a touch.

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Redesign of a website – Full

The first approach will always be to make a new remake of the website.

website optimization, website redesign, responsive website

Older websites that did not have major changes for 5+ years, full redesign works best for such websites. Coding and Web Designs standards underwent some major changes over the last 5 years and it’s often more efficient to start work from scratch rather than to try an older version of existing code and design. Across both traditional and mobile screens, the new website will benefit from the modern look and accessibility.

Conversion of an existing website into responsive coding

The second approach would be to convert an existing website to responsive coding.

website optimization, website redesign, responsive website

If there is a clear separation between HTML and CSS code the original website was built according to W3C standards. To support responsive design, the website could be converted. Screen elements automatically adjust to the resolution of the device and thus provide an optimal viewing experience in a responsive site. Content-rich websites that do not require excessive user interaction.

Building a Standalone Mobile Website

The third approach would be to leave your traditional website as-is and make a stand-alone mobile website.

website optimization, website redesign, responsive website

Mobile websites can share the same data and CMS (Content Management System) as a desktop website, so both websites can be managed through a single place. The standalone mobile website gives the owner complete unconstrained freedom over the layout of the elements and functionality, so the mobile website may look and feel quite different from its desktop counterpart. For an e-commerce website, this approach works best where the user interaction is very different between stationary and mobile devices.

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Converting WordPress website to mobile

Getting a responsive website is quite easy if you’re using WordPress as your content management system. You will need to install a responsive theme, whether it be free or premium. All content immediately becomes mobile-friendly.

We at Ouriken consolidate, optimize and standardize technology/products to bring technology simplification, cost reduction and then to overcome technology obsolescence/skill issues. Ouriken application development & maintenance services help you maintain your business-critical mainframe applications & replace legacy applications. Ouriken is a standalone web design and digital agency. We design and implements powerful solutions for small and medium businesses in technology, business, and operations.

Common Problems in Web Designing and how to Avoid it

While developing a website you can face a lot of problems which can ruin your whole development process, the precious time you had invested in developing the project and the resources as well. In this blog, I will be sharing a few common issues, time-suckers, and other things that arise that can deviate a project.

Each Website project is different, but according to my experience, there are a lot of common problems that arise in the phase of website designing. And we do our best to acting in advance to deal with the expected change guide course of designing very clear of any issues so we can save our client’s time as well as budget in Website Designing services.

Here is a compilation of 4 common problems/issues we have observed in web design projects over the years and how to avoid them effectively.  In order to keep your website production smooth and at a budget.

Wrong people in Charge

Many clients think that we are vendors they pay us to do the designing the websites, so all the responsibility is our own.

It’s very important to know that it’s a collaborative effect whenever we are beginning a web design project. To help you achieve your goals, we take our knowledge of the web, best practices and your option to create a website. To get there we need to have a point-of-contact that will be engaged, communicative, well-organized, and understand the large goals of the project.

We have run into issues where this does not go as expected, so once there was this client running the project without seeking approvals or feedback from anyone else on the team. Without the knowledge to us, we received approvals on things and then we got to the final stage. But when the CEO saw what we made, she hated it and we had to start over.

Assigning a wrong person in charge can be very destructive for the project’s budget and timeline – according to what we have seen. We should manage our time in terms of communication because the person in charge was not doing what they’re supposed to do, the less time we need to create a beautiful website.

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Ignoring the budget

The trickiest subject to deal with when it comes to a project is its budget. We arrange our projects based on the number of hours we think it will take. Based on historical data from previous websites, we come up with our estimates. We estimate our deadlines accordingly.

We give updates on where we are with a budget, as we move throughout our web design project. Just address the concern and try to be mindful of the hours if you find out that the design phase is already wasting the development time.

Web Designing Services

 Some clients have requested that we keep updating the design and hope that we will have enough for the rest upon knowing this information. It does become an issue sometimes and clients end up getting very close to their budget or exceeding it.

You should hear those concerns and make any important adjustments to preserve the budget for the remainder of the project if your web designer is bringing up a budget in the design phase of the project.

Radio Silence on Feedback

There are many website projects which are based on approvals. We typically start with a sitemap/wireframe whenever we begin with a new project. And once that is approved, we go ahead with the design.

It’s important to really review the drafts you are given and make sure its what you want, it’s typically a red flag that they didn’t really review it and will probably change down the road if clients are too swift to approve a design. Make sure your review is thoughtful and specific.

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Assumption of the Template is a Right Method

We will sometimes recommend using a template to keep the budget low. Website templates help us put out a product quickly. But many clients opt for the template for the wrong reasons and don’t consider the long term consequences.

It doesn’t work in the long run, while the templates help us keep the budget less. A template has its own limitations. It could be further edited beyond its capabilities which will force the designer to use the custom website design, which will make the cost to custom website design so there is no use of using the cheap template for the use.


It doesn’t mean that every website project is doomed from the beginning, but if you are aware of the common problems, you can work with your company to avoid it effectively. We work hard to make our clients happy and to make a successful product that produces amazing results. And by collaborating to work on issues.

Ouriken is a standalone web design and digital agency. We design and implements powerful solutions for small and medium businesses in technology, business, and operations.

8 Free Ways to Promote Your Business

Every business wants their products or services to be seen by potential customers. But, most of the traditional ways for promotion costs money and not everyone can afford it if they are just starting up the business. Well, there are ways to promote your business without spending a dime. So, let’s get into the list of the ways of 8 ways to promote your business. These ideas will not cost you money but they will surely cost you some of your precious time.

Optimization of Website for Search Engines

In this digital world, what people do when they want to buy something? Well, they search for the product or service on Google or other search engines of their choice. The process of information gathering takes place about the product. They try to collect data from the internet so if your website is not the list which they are searching for their information on, so you virtually do not exist.

The easy fix for this is to hire a digital agency that can do the optimization of your website for you but, even in that case you need to be aware of the process, so that Google cannot penalize your website for some wrongdoings or against its algorithm. By reading some guides on SEO you can tweak your website and rank higher on Google and on other search engines as well. The good thing is agencies would not be able to fool you if you know some of the processes.

8 Free Ways to Promote Your Business

Business Listing

Vendors are being searched on business directories by buyers. If your products are mostly B2B, add a free listing on IndiaMart, Trade India and Indian Yellow Pages. These are some popular business to business directories.

And if you’re products or services are B2C then you can list your business on Just Dial, Ask Me and Get It for free. The biggest advantage of these platforms is that they have mobile apps and that attracts a huge audience.

If your business is selling software’s then SoftwareSuggest is a very good directory to list your business. The categorization of the software’s on this website is quite good, like HR, CRM, ERP, etc. Many small businesses have been profited by this.

Listing On Google My Business

Google is trying to make the search personal and now displays results that are tailored for your location. For example, if we search for McDonald’s, Google will show you the outlets in your city with a map. So, if your list your business on Google, it will be very beneficial for you, and it is necessary to get listed on Google as the rate of competition is increasing very rapidly.

Adding your business is very easy, Google made sure that the process is simple for addition and managing the added business for the location on the map.

Social Media is Powerful

Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, not only help you get more customers but also the engagement to get quality feedback from them for your products or services. One can get around 20% of traffic only from social media.

The key point in achieving most out of social media is the frequency of our posts, if we post regularly, the rate of popularity and loyal customers will increase. Business updates or news related updates can be shared with your industry. Competitor analysis on social media is very easy as well; we can follow some influencers and monitor their activity. Recommended is to post twice to thrice a week on Facebook and 2-3 times a day on Twitter.

8 free ways to promote your business

Answering Questions

It happens most of the time that people don’t get their desired answers on the Google search, so they turn up towards forums on the internet to solve their problems. QnA sites like Quora and Yahoo answers are one of the popular places where you can find new customers.  There are LinkedIn Groups that are also used for the QnA website.

How can we benefit from these sites? We first have to create accounts on these websites and start searching for your product or services; we will get a lot of questions related to your product or services. People will ask about the top companies that sell this product and they will compare different products and so on.

Always start by answering easy questions and then move the levels up a bit by bit. For Example in Ouriken, I searched for a web design and development company on Quora and got hundreds of questions related to the topic. Then, like I said start answering easy questions and keep recommending your website in the answers so that you will get organic traffic to your website that too, free of cost.

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The same thing could be done on Yahoo answers and LinkedIn groups, all 3 of them are a good source for organic traffic and very influential. Talking about good things, all these websites are crawled or indexed by Google so your answers will get displayed on Google whenever someone will search for it. Tip for answering in these websites is to have the intention of helping the needy first then we can sell our things in between. Nobody likes hard upselling.

Attending Networking Events/Meetups

The Concept is to visit Events/Expos/Meetups and increase your network in order to find new customers. You can just search for “Business events in (your city)” and Google will come up with the list of upcoming events if there are any. Most of the events are free of cost, you just have to bear the travel expenses and they attract potential customers as well as distributors/resellers/consultants.

Gradually, there will be a realization in you that people attend these events just to meet other people and increasing their network, eventually increasing their customers. Meetup is a site through which we can meet a lot of entrepreneurs and startup owners meet frequently using this site. People with open minds come here to meet and or open for new ideas sharing and partnerships in the existing startups.

Uploading Videos on YouTube

Over 4 billion videos are played on YouTube every day, and this number is growing exponentially. So, uploading videos on YouTube of your product or service is a no brainer. The best part is, search results of your videos will appear on the Google search result page giving your website more visibility.

For product, a 2 min demo video of the product will do, and for service, you can upload a testimonial of the client and upload it. You should always remember to put keywords in the title or description of the video so it ranks up. If you come up with interesting content that has the potential to go viral and hit the jackpot, leads will flood into your inbox.

Offering a Deal to Customers

Deal sites like Groupon and Coupon Dunia attract millions of users to their portals. So, have a meeting with the deal website guys, brainstorm with them and come up with a deal that your customers cannot resist. And you can a good number of buyers at no cost.

Once you have decided the discount to give to your customers, the deals website will do the promotion for you. Since they have a large database of registered users. This process of offering deals will be more or less will remain similar in other websites as well.

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These are just 8 ways, there can be or there are many more ways of promoting your business. You just have to be creative and have an out of the box thinking. Some of the points mentioned above will yield results instantly, and some will take its own natural time. If you’re on a tight budget for marketing you have to invest your time in it instead to promote your business. There are some startups who succeeded with literally ZERO marketing budget. If you have any other ideas to add in this list, I know there are. Feel free to comment down below.

Ouriken is a standalone web design and digital agency. We design and implements powerful solutions for small and medium businesses in technology, business, and operations.

8 Things you need to know about Gutenberg

Most of us know that WordPress has implemented its new content editor project called Gutenberg. It’s a new WordPress editor or Blocks editor, you don’t need to be a developer now to build your own page since Gutenberg makes sure it’s easier for everyone to make your webpage look stylish, minimal, and up to the mark. When it was launched, it was not smooth since it was in its beta stage and they needed feedbacks from users to improve their interface accordingly. Present-day, Gutenberg has evolved so much and now it’s capable of doing much more than that of its initial beta stage. According to the experts, the introduction of Gutenberg was one of the biggest changes in the history of WordPress. WordPress has a reputation for one of the best website development company.

Let’s take a look at 8 things you need to know about Gutenberg which makes our work easier and writing more fun:


The newest and most unique in Gutenberg is the implementation of Blocks if we put in simple words, blocks are like Lego bricks put together. It is an integral new addition to the WordPress ecosystem. Imagine your content like you’re building something in Lego if you don’t like where one piece is placed you can easily replace or remove that brick. In the same way, blocks can be replaced, transformed or completely removed altogether, and the best part is you will not disturb other content which does not need editing.

This feature was not available in the classic editor where it was tough to edit and manage content properly as the user wanted. Every individual content in Gutenberg is its own block. Blocks include the heading, subheading, paragraph, image, gallery, video, quote, columns, list button, embeds and many more. There are two ways of adding blocks to your page, you can either click on the “+” button to add whatever block you need to add or while writing content just add “/” backslash, and write the name of the block which you want to add. Check out the images below to compare the looks of the classic editor and the new Gutenberg editor.

web designing services

web designing services


As we have already discussed that how the block looks and work in the new editor, another unique thing in new editor is what you see is what you get, meaning, while creating content what you see is almost exactly what you are going to see on the front end after publishing. This takes us to discuss another advantage that editing is way easier as compared to the classic editor, which makes blocks extremely flexible to use. Remember those days when we used to constantly save and preview how our content is going to look after publishing? Yes, those were tough days.

And when you take an initial look at the Gutenberg interface you will instantly notice that there is an increase in space real estate as compared to the classic editor. Editing font size in Gutenberg is easy too since they are more about in the “visual” side. There are now multiple options of changing the font size, there is a slider by which you can have a custom font size. But the best part is the introduction of ‘drop cap’ in Gutenberg editor. Drop cap basically makes your first letter of the word larger than the rest of the words which adds appealing personality to the content. As we all know content is king, so consider making good content on the website while designing it.

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Less Technical Expertise Required

Before the introduction of Gutenberg in WordPress users needed to know basic HTML to add button, separator, tweet or table to your post. But fast forward to now, fewer technical skills are required to build that you can make everything that needed HTML by just copy-pasting URLs. Gutenberg allows you to create a rich post and page layouts and automatically convert all your content into blocks. While working with the blocks, it will only show you the editing options of the selected block in order to ease the editing process. For example, if you’re editing a text paragraph, you’ll only see the formatting choices and other settings that are relevant for that block, which decreases the rate of confusion while editing. The experience is clutter-free. If you still need some suggestions for how your content should look like, there are people who offer standard web designing services, feel free to reach them.

Document Outline

This feature is a minor addition as compared to Blocks yet very helpful. This feature is information about the content or a table of contents, navigating from one point from another becomes easy. It becomes available either when you add at least one heading to your content or by clicking on the “i” button next to the redo button on the top left corner of the editor. So it counts all the headings you have added, how many blocks are used and the document’s word count is also shown. It serves as a structure or skeleton of content.

Anchor Support

Name itself suggests that what it is about, everyone always dreamt of this feature since the beginning to add the HTML anchor to your content. By adding an anchor to your block you can link one part of the page or post to another or itself. It is very beneficial if you have long content or want to build your own table of contents.


Tables are featured in most of the content creation tools for a long time, but most of us know it was not with the case with WordPress. We needed third party plugins to add a table in the content, which made the page heavy and took time to load which is not good for any website as it increases the bounce rate. But the wait is over, you no longer need HTML or a plugin to add a table in your content, a table is available as a block in Gutenberg. When you select a table block, it will ask you how many rows and columns you need in the table after entering the values the table will be created and ready to accept values in it. But the table block does not support styling and adding or deleting rows and columns afterward.

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Another feature classic editor lacked from the start was adding button in the content, and it was also implemented in Gutenberg. You can add a button with the help of the button block. When you create a button block, you’ll be able to edit its link and text. Unlike the table block, you can style your button with basic editing like adding colors to the text on the button and in the background as well. If you think its a good thing let me add one more in it. When you select a combination of color where the text could not be seen properly, Gutenberg editor shows us a message that reads “This color combination may be hard to read. Try using a brighter background color and/or darker text color“. Automation might be the future of Gutenberg, and this is perhaps just a glimpse of it. Let’s hope for the best.

Another minor yet very vital feature in designing content is text columns, it creates up to four columns where you can differentiate or segregate your content and show it in a different format than we traditionally used to see. it is different from normal text block because it lets you split your content across responsive columns. And each text column is a different block on its own so you can add content on each text column. For example, the first column consists of text and button, the second consists of only one image, the third consists of a paragraph. Let your creativity flow and use the text column in the way you want.

Full-width Alignment

Last but not the least, full-width alignment feature is introduced in the Gutenberg editor, this feature helps create full-width content, which means you can stretch your content to the entire width of the page. It cannot be used in the default theme, you need to choose a different theme from the WordPress Theme Directory. The good thing is almost every theme supports this new feature. In the image, block navigate to the alignment options and select full-width alignment to see it in action.


Change is the only constant. Such is the case with the Gutenberg editor, the classic editor was having its own share of problems and millions of content creators have found a workaround for it, yet they grew accustomed to the classic editor. Replacing TinyMCE editor with Blocks really feels like the classic editor was a work in the past and time-honored.

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Why responsive website development is a must for business?


“What is responsive web design?”This is a basic question that comes to your mind when planning to develop your website and when suggested by your developer to go for a responsive website rather than a normal website.

So first let me explain to you what is this response website all about. The simplest way to define a responsive website is “a website that changes its layout according to the users’ device or screen size.” It’s basically an approach whereby a designer builds a web page that “responds to” or resizes itself depending on the type of device it is being seen through i.e; desktop screen,smart-phones.tablets or laptops.

Responsive Web designing has become a vital tool for anyone with a digital presence. These days we are witnessing a drastic shift of users from desktops to mobile devices. More and more people are using mobiles and tablet to view webpages. Recently Google also announced that will be considering mobile-friendly websites first while following their algorithms of Indexing and Crawling.

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Responsive Website Vs Traditional Website

Canonical Tags

Responsive website prevents canonical problems and duplicate content. This is an important benefit when using a responsive website design as against traditional design as is it eliminates the need for canonical tags. Such tags are being used currently in the traditional web designs to make three different websites into one. By using the responsive web design, this method is no longer needed to limit the duplication of content in mobile or desktop versions.

Content remains consistent

Responsive website development helps retain the content as consistent across sites. In the case of traditional web design, this content issue is a great concern as the developer has to maintain several versions of the website especially when any change has been made to the content. But in case of responsive design, it will keep these versions the same and consistent across the board. That means, when any change is made, that will appear correctly on the desktop computer, mobile phone, and the tablet. This enhances the value and position of the website to visitors and to all of the search engines.

Compiling In-bound links

A responsive website compiles or gathers all of the inbound links to one location. This helps to solve the problem of traditional web designing company in relation to inbound links by utilizing the same URL for multiple devices. The competition on the Internet is immense and companies or businesses are all aiming to get to the peak. To get to the top of the ranking, every website gets votes. And these votes grow from the plenty of credible inbound links that the website gets. So more the inbound links generated by your website helps it to rank on the top of the search engines. So it is very essential for all inbound links that come from a wide range of devices to be verified and counted.

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Lower Cost and Less Time

One of the benefits responsive web design and its advantages the traditional designs are more affordable and less time-consuming. The cost of building a responsive website is lesser than a traditional website. The time consumed also is less as at one go the website is developed on platforms available in the market. Whereas in the case of a traditional website, the developer has to design different layouts and versions for different devices.

Lower Bounce Rates

A responsive website gives a much better user experience to the visitor as compared to a traditional website. Since if the user is visiting a traditional website on a mobile device it is more likely that the layout or display will not be that appealing. But in case of a responsive one, it does not matter from which device the user is accessing the website as it changes dynamically as per the user’s screen size, indirectly reducing the bounce rate. Also, it is more likely that the user will stick around for a longer period of time and explore different areas of your website. Alternatively, if your website is not responsive, it is very difficult to keep the visitor engaged and its more likely that they will bounce.

So to conclude we may say that a responsive website benefits not only the designers or developers but the businesses and, most importantly, users. As people are shifting their usage on the internet from desktop to laptops and laptops to tablets or mobile devices!

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